Monday, 8 June 2015

Shabcast 6

Shabcast 6 is now available to download or listen to here...


This Shabcast is an accompaniment to this month's edition of Pex Lives (download or listen here), which features the long-awaited encounter between Phil Sandifer (from off of TARDIS Eruditorum) and 'Vox Day' (from off of fascism and fucking up the Hugo Awards).

Kevin and James have kindly turned the June installment of Pex Lives over to the Sandifer/Vox Day interview, in which Phil quizzes Vox about his attitudes towards two texts, One Bright Star to Guide Them by John C. Wright (which Vox loves and Phil hates) and Iain M. Banks' The Wasp Factory (which Vox hates and Phil loves).

One Bright Star... slid into the Hugo noms on Vox Day's Rabid Puppies slate, by the way.  Hmm.

Shabcast 6 is something in the way of an 'afterparty' for Phil, in which Phil chats with myself, Kevin and James about the Vox Day interview.  Very much necessary listening.  And lots of fun.  After the serious business of the interview itself, the four of us kick back and have a chat which veers from the serious to the plain giggly.

This Shabcast also features frequent and vehement contributions by my elderly, crotchety and extremely loud-voiced bengal cat Quiz.  You won't be able to understand her, but I can... and she's telling me to kill.

You'll need to listen to both podcasts so, once again, here are the links:

Pex Lives/Eruditorum Press - the Sandifer/Day Interview

Shabcast 6 - The Sandifer/Day Interview Afterparty

(Also, here's a link to Shabcast 3 in which myself, Phil and Andrew Hickey chatted about the Hugo Awards fascist fuck-up fiasco not long after it hit.)


  1. Can I listen to this without listening to the interview?

    I really really don't want to listen to the interview, but the the previous cast on this topic was interesting and funny.

    1. I suppose so, though you might find bits of it a tad confusing without the context.

    2. Yeah, I'd guess you'd be fine; we usually describe whichever bit of the interview we're talking about.

    3. Thanks. I understand why an interview with VD might be interesting to some, but... well not me. I'm unsure where to draw the line on no-platforming (I mean a debate between two SF scholars is not the same as inviting Nick Griffin onto Question Time) but I do have something of a mental no platforming rule, if only to reduce my political stress levels. Looking forward to the afterparty.

    4. I'll have a transcript of the interview up tomorrow for the many people for whom two hours of Vox Day is a dealbreaker.