Thursday, 31 December 2015

My Year in Blogging, etc...

So, a big year for Shabogan Graffiti.  The Shabcasts started up, Phil and I started recording our commentaries on Who, I became the 'podcast boyfriend' to Oi! Spaceman, befriended some lovely people online... and, of course, I joined Eruditorum Press.  I feel like I've made some real progress in 2015, albeit with lots of help and encouragement from others.  It's a pleasure and an honour to be part of such a terrific circle of writers, talkers, interlocutors, comrades, and friends.

Here are the pieces I've written this year that I personally like best.  (Some of them were originally posted here but I'm posting links to their new home at Eruditorum Press.)

Knock Knock - Thoughts on The Babadook.

Insider Trading - Thoughts on the Big Finish audio 'Davros', and capitalism etc.

The Award of Cruelty - Thoughts on the Hugos and the Puppies, on reactionary politics generally, and on Vox Day's fecal obsession

Solid Dick - Why Iron Man is the most evil film ever made.

Tricky Dicky, Part Three - The best bit (so far) of my ongoing series about... things tangentially connected to Richard III.

Concerning Tivolians - Having a go at Toby Whithouse.

The Zygon Invocation - Having a go at Peter Harness.

To be honest, I'm fairly pleased with everything I've written for Eruditorum Press so far, but the ones I've linked to are the stand-outs in my opinion.

Happy New Year.

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