Monday 26 December 2016

My Year in Blogging, 2016 Edition

Working (mostly) backwards...

I think this thing I wrote about Castro is pretty good.

My series in response to Trump's election - here, here, here, and here - was interesting to write, and will continue in the new year.

I wrote about Starship Troopers in such a way that an actual member of the alt-Right turned up in the comments to say I'd caught their views pretty well.

I started a new series about storytelling itself (which I will continue at some point - I promise).  Here.

I wrote a three part series about horror movies - 'Psychic Landscape' - here, here, and here.  This may also continue at some point, though its original purpose is fulfilled.

'Tricky Dicky' continued, and I was especially pleased with Parts 4 and 5.

TD and PL also crossed over with a mini-trilogy of 'Margaret on the...' posts, which can be found here, here, and here.  I think those are quite good.

The pieces I wrote on the Coen Bros. films Fargo and A Simple Man went down quite well.

And I started the year with a trilogy of posts about Star Wars.  Episodes I, II, & III.

I did lots of Shabcasts I was pleased with this year, owing to the excellence of my guests, but my favourite was the one I did with Shana on The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth - here.

My, I have been a busy bee.  That Sandifer is a slave-driver.

Oh, and I also co-started a brand-new podcast with some friends, called Wrong With Authority.

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