Friday, 27 November 2015

Shabcast 13 - Dracula, etc

Shabcast 13 is up. 

It's the much-belated Hallowe'en edition, originally planned for this time last month but delayed by clashing schedules, insufficient bandwidth, and emergency (and hugely expensive) visits to late-night vets with sick cats.  But, with the dogged determination of the utterly un-self-aware and bull-headed, I dug my heels in and stubbornly insisted on doing it, despite the flailing fury of a universe that clearly felt it shouldn't exist.  Was I justfied?  Of course not, but here it is anyway. 

It features me in conversation with my online buddy, Big Finish's new Ben Jackson, thespian Elliot Chapman.  We chat all things Dracula, and thoroughly investigate every piece of Dracula-related media ever created in just three brief hours.

Also, we recorded this Shabcast using a new process: Glorious Immersive Scenariosoundarama, so listen to it at night with only the flickering glow of candles around you.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

New Post by Me at Eruditorum Press: Solid Dick 1½, or 'Did Mary Whitehouse Have a Point?'

Written something else at Eruditorum Press.  Hard thing to categorize.  Made it a semi-sequel to Solid Dick, since Iron Man pops up in it.  Please read it here.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Thursday, 5 November 2015

New Post by Me at Eruditorum Press: Capitalist Pig 3

I've written a very silly, jokey, troll-y, semi-pisstakey thing as a response to Phil Sandifer's 'Capitalist Pig' posts, here.  It started out as a kind-of attempt to do a cargo cult-version of a Phil post, and mutated into one of my usual things.  It's very silly.  But weaponized silliness perhaps.

Also, I'm a guest on Holly's Amicus podcast City of the Dead, chatting about the classic Cushing/Lee chiller The Skull, here.