Thursday, 28 April 2016

Shabcast 19, Part 1

The latest (surviving) Shabcast is out now, featuring the return of Daniel Harper of Oi! Spaceman.  We talk about loads of stuff.  Get it here.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

New Post by Me at Eruditorum Press: Tricky Dicky, Part 6

The latest bit of my Tricky Dicky series is up, here.  In it, I start to ponder modern dress productions of Shakespeare and how they can alter the meaning of the texts, and the texts' relationship with history and ideology.

Also, here's a link to my post from last week, in which I think outloud a bit more about Blue Velvet (following my appearance talking about it on the TMBDOS podcast), and also about the political valence of the figure of the Fool.

Lining up some exciting Shabcasts right now, and hoping they pan out... so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Oh, and a few people have now told me they've nominated me in the category of Best Fan Writer in the upcoming Hugo Awards 2016.  This is very nice, and I have no objection if anyone else wants to follow their lead.  I'm sure Phil, Jane, and the boys at Pex Lives wouldn't mind if you wanted to nominate them too.  I'm not telling you to nominate any of us.  I'm just saying that, if you felt you wanted to, you needn't worry that any of us are going to be upset about it.  That's all.